Thursday, 25 September 2014

Foods high in Fat and/ or sugar

Foods high in fat and/or sugar is the last group on the eatwell plate. Most people tends to eat a lot from this group, however, we should eat very little from this group. Consuming too much from this group is not just bad for our health but also our teeth. The UK healthy eating guideline recommends not more than 8% from this group, Australia recommends a very small amount once in a while leaving it out of the main circle and America does not have it in or around their circle so that people will not eat much from it. Foods that are high in fat includes :- butter, margarine, other spreads including reduced fat spreads, cream, rich sauce, gravies, ice-cream, cookies, cakes, puddings, pastries, cooking oils, oil-based salad dressing, fried foods including fried chips, biscuits, crisp, most chocolate. Foods that are in sugar includes:- Jam, sweets, sugar, honey, cakes, biscuit, ice-cream, puddings, pastries, fizzy drinks (excluding diet drinks), juice drinks e.t.c.

The body needs some fat to function properly. Fat helps in transporting fat-soluble vitamins to the body. They also provide the body with more concentrated form of energy.  Foods that contain a lot of fat are high in calorie; so people trying to lose weight should eat less of it as 1g of fat provides 9kcal which is more than double the amount of fat gotten from carbohydrate and protein. We should cut down on foods containing saturated fat (such as some foods from animal origin, cakes, biscuits, pastries) and Trans fat which are found in small amount in meat and dairy products as well as hydrogenated vegetable oils and foods made with them; this is because they can raise the cholesterol level. There are two types of essential fats that should be supplied by the diet in small amounts; omega-3 fatty acid (which is found in olive oil also present in small amount in rape seed oil, walnut and soya oil) and omega-6 fatty acid (which is found in sunflower, corn and soya oil as well as spreads made from them). Sugar adds sweetness and flavor to food but we should try to consume very little from it as it causes tooth decay. Processed foods are usually high in fat, sugar and salt. Diets high in fat and sugar are associated with modern day illness such as obesity, heart disease, tooth decay, type-2 diabetes, over-weight, high-blood pressure and other coronary-heart disease. In order not to eat too much from this group, we should try to use very little amount of fat in cooking, eat scones, malt loaf and teacakes rather than cake and biscuit, spread bread with low fat spread, sliced banana or low fat cream cheese instead of jam, marmalade, syrup or honey, compare food labels and choose reduced fat and reduced sugar foods where possible, choose foods containing unsaturated fatty acid, limit consumption of sugar and sugar-containing foods, dilute fruit juice with sparkling water instead of soft drinks, choose can of fruit in juice rather than fruit in syrup, try leaving butter out when making sandwich.

Remember Try reducing the amount of sugar you add to foods, snack with fruits and vegetables rather than junks and use unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat

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